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When searching for a Murfreesboro probate attorney, there are certain criteria everyone should keep top-of-mind – service and professionalism among other traits.


At the Law Office of Michael Craig, we work diligently to bring affordable legal services to the Murfreesboro community. Just like going to your family doctor as a starting point for your healthcare, Michael Craig is like your General Practice doctor when it comes to legal services. If he is not able to assist you, he will help you engage the right attorney who can.


Craig focuses his law practice on areas he has a passion for – Estate Planning, and Probate Law.  And, unlike many other law firms, payment plans for services can often be arranged.

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Probate Law

When searching for a Murfreesboro probate attorney, The Law Office of Michael Craig is a trusted name with track record of success among clients. By taking clients through the probate process from beginning to end, we make sure all steps run smoothly and efficiently of the parties involved. We understand that each client’s circumstance is unique and should be handled accordingly.


Estate Planning

The education and understanding of how to protect your assets for the future is a common theme among estate planning law. The protection of the family unit is key and knowing the basics and the intricate details of estate planning is standard with the Law Office of Michael Craig. The role of an estate planning attorney can cover many areas, but most areas of practice revolve around establishing power of attorney, living trust or a health care proxy during your lifetime

Murfreesboro Probate Attorney

A Murfreesboro probate attorney that focuses on matters that mean the most

During a probate process, the estate of a deceased person is settled. Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult act within itself so our team helps minimize the legal matters so you can focus on what matters most.

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We know you are busy and taking time out of your busy day is a hassle that you shouldn’t have to add to your demanding day. After work, weekends, early mornings, we will meet you when it is convenient for you. 


Need help creating an Estate Plan, Will, or Trust to protect your family and ensure their well being? Or do you simply need a lawyer and experienced business person’s guidance on a Probate matter or Estate Plan? If so, reach out to us. If we can’t help you, we have a network of attorneys we can refer you to that can help. 


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