Murfreesboro estate planning attorney can help plan for future


When finding a Murfreesboro estate planning attorney, the education and understanding of how to protect your assets for the future is a common theme in estate planning law. The protection of your family is key.  Knowing not just the basics but also the intricate details of estate planning is the high standard we place on ourselves at the Law Office of Michael Craig.


Why should you hire a Murfreesboro estate planning attorney?


The role of an estate planning attorney covers many topics, but most are centered around establishing Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney and Living Wills – all are documents you absolutely need to establish during your lifetime. While there is not a specific age to start thinking about estate planning, it is easier and highly recommended to form a plan earlier in life rather than later. From your home, to vehicles to your investments and other assets, all should be protected.  The biggest mistake people often make, sadly, is putting their estate planning off until it’s too late. 

Tennessee Estate Planning Laws


Estate planning laws vary from state to state and can be more complex at times. By consulting with an experienced Murfreesboro estate planning attorney, the benefit of protecting your assets for future years and, more importantly, for your family, will be focus of our attention with a smooth process from start to finish. To learn more about Tennessee estate planning laws, visit for relevant information regarding the process.