Murfreesboro estate planning attorney can help plan for future


When finding a Murfreesboro estate planning attorney, the education and understanding of how to protect your assets for the future is a common theme in estate planning law. The protection of your family is key.  Knowing not just the basics but also the intricate details of estate planning is the high standard we place on ourselves at the Law Office of Michael Craig.


When it really comes down to it, estate planning is all about protecting your family and preparing for the future. It’s about avoiding mistakes that will negatively affect your family and friends. It’s about providing a blueprint for those closest to you who may be making decisions about your life and your life’s work. It’s about making sure you don’t leave behind a mess, but rather create a legacy that your family and community will remember you by.


When it comes to choosing a local estate planning attorney in Murfreesboro, there are some key things to consider. You may find lots of lawyers who know the basics of the law, but what you really need is an attorney who understands the elaborate details of estate planning in Tennessee. Estate planning laws can vary wildly from state to state, making each situation complex and this can be confusing for someone who isn’t well versed in the subject. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone, without a guide who has led clients down this path before.


With many years working on estate plans in Murfreesboro, we’re here to help you make sense of the process and paperwork. We will work diligently and deliberately to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.


Why should you hire a Murfreesboro estate planning attorney?


The role of an estate planning attorney covers many topics, but most are centered around establishing Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney and Living Wills – all are documents you absolutely need to establish during your lifetime. While there is not a specific age to start thinking about estate planning, it is easier and highly recommended to form a plan earlier in life rather than later. From your home, to vehicles to your investments and other assets, all should be protected.  The biggest mistake people often make, sadly, is putting their estate planning off until it’s too late. 

Tennessee Estate Planning Laws


Estate planning laws vary from state to state and can be more complex at times. By consulting with an experienced Murfreesboro estate planning attorney, the benefit of protecting your assets for future years and, more importantly, for your family, will be focus of our attention with a smooth process from start to finish. To learn more about Tennessee estate planning laws, visit for relevant information regarding the process.

Estate Planning Services


Did you know that most Americans – 6 in 10 – do not have a will or living trust?


Many people put it off because it’s a scary thought. We understand that. But waiting to write a will can do more harm than good.


Other people put it off because they’re just not sure where to start. At the Law Office of Michael Craig, we have a deep understanding of Tennessee law and the process here in Murfreesboro. It’s important at any age to get started with a basic will that can be changed over the years. We can work with you to make sure you have the proper documents in order, and that you have a plan you can be proud of.


Think about the impact you could have long after you’re gone. There are exciting things to consider such as the effect you could have on your loved ones and favorite charities. We can aid you in naming executors and beneficiaries. We can help manage expectations with your family, friends and charities of choice. Together, we can get your will written and filed with the local court.



General powers of attorney

In Tennessee, the general power of attorney means you can allow another person to handle financial matters on your behalf. This could include real estate transactions, personal property transactions, banking transactions, estate transactions, contractual agreements, insurance transactions, Social Security, medical decisions, legal matters, taxes, employing people, and other affairs.


This can be complex and you will need to sign these documents in the presence of a Notary or other witnesses. These agreements are best done with the help of a competent attorney. At the Law Office of Michael Craig, we are well-informed about this process and highly experienced in handling matters related to general powers of attorney. We would be honored to help you.

Living wills

With new advancements in medical technology and medicine, doctors are able to keep people alive long after when they may have otherwise died. Once upon a time, hospitals made the decision when to pull a patient off of the machines and treatments that are keeping them breathing.


But the Tennessee Right to Natural Death states that you have the right to make that decision. Trouble is, you may not have the cognitive capacity at that moment to make such a decision. That’s why you need to decide under what circumstances you would like for doctors to do everything possible to keep you alive.


We know. It’s difficult to think about. But it will be even harder for your family if this isn’t something you’ve discussed with them ahead of time. That’s why you need professionals on your side who can help you consider all of your options.


In Tennessee, a living will – or Advance Care Plan – will let doctors and your family know what you would want. These documents need to be filled out and signed while you are of sound mind, and they need to be witnessed or notarized. Once your living will is finalized, it will stay that way unless you change your mind.


It is important you have a professional who specializes in living wills who can walk you  through this process. We at the Law Office of Michael Craig have many years of experience in this area and we would like to help you.



Healthcare Powers of Attorney

The Healthcare Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to decide if you want someone to make health-related decisions for you in case you aren’t able to make or communicate decision about your care. This document goes one step further than a living will in that it applies to situations in which you are temporarily unconscious or somehow unable to communicate your decisions, whereas a living will typically only applies when you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious.


We recommend taking this extra step as a precautionary measure, however it is important to choose someone who completely understands how your personal beliefs may apply in any given situation.


As we are working on your living will, we can discuss if this would also be appropriate for you.


As with many of the issues our office deals with, we know the details of your situation will be personal and sensitive. Estate planning can be emotional and, at times, uncomfortable. But we believe it is immensely important.  At the Law Office of Michael Craig, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because your future is at stake.