Understanding the right time to hire a Murfreesboro estate planning attorney

An estate planning attorney can provide valuable insight in early stages of estate planning


While it may not be a priority in the earlier stages of life, the time to hire an estate planing attorney will become evident as years pass. If you’re new to estate planning, it is in an essence finding a legal way to take control of your assets or owned items in the scenario where someone else may have to take your place in an extreme situation. In common occurrences, these items may include personal belongings such as your home, vehicle, or bank account.

In short, everyone should have an estate plan at some point during their life. For instance, if you become ill, there is a chance someone or a family member may have to make a decision regarding your health and treatment or a financial matter.

With that in mind, it is important to consult with an estate planning attorney sooner than later in life. During the middle phase of life, issues such as this may become more prominent and the advice of a legal professional may be of importance. Not only is the formation of an estate plan a good idea for the individual, it is also of equal importance for a spouse or children as life presents trying situations and decisions have to be made. 

To begin, an estate planning attorney may require you to bring a few documents such as a birth certificate, social security card, marriage certificate and other relevant criteria such as banking and financial information.

Once this information is gathered and a meeting has taken place, the estate plan will revolve around the following: Medical/healthcare directive, Power of attorney, Will and Investment/beneficiary forms.

After these documents are formed, they will act as the base of your estate plan. While these are the core, there is also more that goes into forming an estate plan. An experienced Murfreesboro estate planning attorney can help with all details, questions and intricate parts that may be in question.